How to Design with Voltage Regulator Tubes

I’ve been building some prewar-era laboratory hardware and have been employing voltage regulator (VR) tubes. I found a paper that gives a nice concise explanation, including design rules[1] and information on supply-voltage tolerance. The paper employs graphical aids, but today’s spreadsheets make life easier. Currently, this link works:

VR tubes age and can be tough to tame over time[2, 3]. We now have Zener diodes.

[1] Raymond C. Miles, “How to Design VR Tube Circuits,” p. 135-137, Electronics Magazine, October 1952.

[2] Walter R. Jones, “Voltage Regulator Tubes,” Panel on Electron Tubes Research and Development Board, distributed by RCA.

[3] Sylvania News, “Voltage Regulator Tubes,” Jan-Feb 1943.